Postdoctoral Position Available:

The Nagel lab is seeking an excellent postdoc to join our group.  We use a combination of quantitative behavior, electrophysiology and imaging, genetic manipulations, and computational modeling to investigate the circuit and synaptic basis of olfactory search behavior in Drosophila.  

Current areas of interest include fly behavior in complex natural odor environments, and synaptic contributions to sensory coding and behavioral dynamics. The postdoc will have considerable freedom to develop a project in line with these broad interests, in consultation with the PI.

Successful candidates will have strong analytical and communication skills, a record of research productivity, and the ability to reason clearly and creatively about biological problems. We are particularly interested in candidates with either strong quantitative and programming skills, experience with slice electrophysiology, or a background in molecular biology and genetics.

Interested candidates should send a CV and statement of interest, along with names of three references and one publication or manuscript to