Research Technician Position

The Nagel lab is seeking a Research Technician to study neural circuits underlying navigation in Drosophila.  The technician will be responsible for performing high-throughput automated behavioral experiments, genetic crosses, and analysis of behavioral data.  In addition, the technician will be involved in constructing custom equipment and software for behavioral monitoring under the supervision of postdocs and graduate students in the lab.  

This ideal candidate will have a strong interest in neuroscience and behavior, experience with coding (Matlab preferred), and some exposure to genetics.  Excellent organizational skills are required.  We are seeking a commitment of two years, during which the technician will gain experience with Matlab and Labview, Drosophila genetics, and analysis of large data sets.  This position is a good fit for a candidate interested in pursuing graduate or medical school and seeking to gain independent research experience.

Interested candidate should send a CV and names of 2 references to