Kathy Nagel, lab head

Kathy did her graduate work with Allison Doupe at UCSF, and a postdoc with Rachel Wilson at Harvard Medical School.  She started her lab at NYU Medical School in summer of 2014.  In addition to science, Kathy draws and paints, sews a large fraction of her clothing, and raises two spirited children with her husband David.  

Marie Suver, postdoc

Marie did her graduate work with Michael Dickinson at Caltech where she studied octopaminergic modulation of vision during flight.  She enjoys outdoor activities, music, and spending time with her husband and two young children. 


Efren Alvarez-salvado, postdoc

Efren did his graduate work with Santiago Canals, studying network plasticity in order to understand learning and memory.  Apart from science, he likes playing guitar, tabletop games and cooking.



david fox, postdoc

David did his graduate work with Farzan Nadim and Horacio G. Rotstein at NJIT where he studied neuronal frequency-responses to understand the regulation of network oscillations using the crab stomatogastric ganglion. Outside of science, he loves bicycle racing in central park, cooking indian food, and playing guitar.


Tim currier, graduate student

Tim earned his BA from Hamilton College and worked as a technician for Glenn Rosen at Harvard Medical School and Michale Fee at MIT.  Tim is an avid basketball fan and enjoys reading, primarily pop philosophy and fantasy epics.

andrew matheson, graduate student

Andrew earned his BSc in Computer Science and Biology at McGill University, where he studied the relationship between motor sequencing and timing with Jon Sakata.  He enjoys baking pastries, vegetarian cooking, and museums.


angela licata, graduate student

Angela earned a BA in Neuroscience & Behavior at Mount Holyoke College. She worked as a technician in Anne Churchland's lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where she studied the neural basis of decision making. Outside of the lab, she enjoys playing roller derby and reading comics. 


We are looking for talented graduate students and postdocs to join our group.  Qualifications include creativity, perserverence, clarity of thought, and an ability to think and work independently.  We offer a supportive working environment, friendly to families and outside interests.